SENIOR KIDZONE                                                                                                                Be a part of the adventure

Being a follower of Jesus is the greatest adventure there is. Here at Kidzone we not only want every single child to be part of that adventure  but to realize they are a part of that adventure. That God’s big story is still being written in the world today and they can and should be a character in that story rather than just watching it from the outside.

Senior Kidzone is a fast paced, high energy, high impact program that let children explore the awesome things that God has for them while having heaps of fun along the way.

Here at First Church we believe that the whole family is important and every one of you, from the youngest to the oldest, can have a personal relationship with God.

In Senior Kidzone our year 3’s– 6’s discover the thrill of not just knowing about God, but really getting to know Him and how what He said fits into their lives.

Both Junior and Senior Kidzone operate in our Children and Youth hall located just outside the back door of the church foyer.

Children stay in the main auditorium for the first part of the service and then at approximately 11:00am they go out to their programs. Programs finish at approximately 12:15pm when children can be collected from the hall

Warrick Baty - Children's Pastor and elder
Warrick Baty – Children’s Pastor

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One of my favorite old kids praise bands is a group called Barak Zamar. A bunch of kiwi lads who spent their days touring the country in a big purple and green house bus. Among a whole bunch of great songs, they had one called “Take me higher.” The opening line says “Everybody wants to be a super hero and see their names stuck up in lights, but not one ones to get their fingers dirty and they don’t look good in tights”

All kids at some stage dream of being a super hero. This term we are going to look at the life of Joseph a Bible super hero and discover that being one of God’s super hero isn’t about capes, tights and undies on the outside. It’s about living faithful and dealing with the everyday challenges that life brings along.

As we explore Joseph life we discover he had to deal with everything from sibling rivalry to favoritism jealousy and anger, getting punished for something he hadn’t even done wrong and trying to do the right thing even when everyone else had given up on him. Everyone we face these same kind of challenges and by looking at Josephs success and a few of his mistakes we too can be one of God’s super heroes