Holiday Programme at First Church September 2016

Each programme the children that attend are a mixture of a small number of children already involved in First church, a number that attend other church’s and the majority that are yet to come into faith and have a spiritual home. With a growing number of schools no longer having a Bible in schools programme – for many of the children this is their first and often only exposure to the gospel and to church.

This is why even when the weather is yucky outside and the body might be suffering from lack of sleep we are committed to making the week a very special and potentially life changing experience for everyone of the children that attend. All those challenges fall by the way side when you see the lights go on in a child’s eyes and you know that God’s Spirit is at work touching hearts and planting seeds of truth.

My own journey to faith started when I was a child in a similar programme. I didn’t come to faith at that point but it was truths planted then that burst into life all those years later. My turning point of faith was upon a verse I was taught when I was only 8. Never under estimate the value of teaching Scripture to our children and grand children.

Our focus today was an extension of the invite Jesus in theme. Today we talked about the importance of not just trying to do it all on our own. We don’t want to be like the disciples in the boat fighting against the wind and the waves while we have Jesus sleeping close by. We talked about how when the storm hit Peter was probably very confident he could cope. After all he was an experienced fisherman and there was a bunch of other men there too. How often do we do the same – “I can sort this” – “If I just work harder try harder” and like the disciples calling on Jesus is something will only do when things reach crisis stage when things are so bad we question if Jesus even cares.

If you jump on to the Kidzone blog ( you will see some kids sitting next to a table with arms and legs crossed. Their challenge was try to get up onto the table while staying in the same position. After much wiggling and struggling they all failed and then one of them realized that on their own they couldn’t do it but as soon as they asked me for help or invited me into the problem I could simply pick them up still with folded arms and crossed legs and place them upon the table (See the point)

Please pray that God will grow connections between us and the families and this will be another step drawing them all closer to him.