December 2019

Tom’s Snippet

The last snippet of this year!  It seems to have shot through really fast and it is now hard to remember all that happened.  Some of it was really great, some good, and some…..well… left alone!   But  whatever, it has all been a part of the fabric of life and living which we all experience in the ups and downs of each day.

So here we are on the cusp of a new year.  I wonder what it will hold for us all individually and together?  I wonder what hopes and dreams will be fulfilled as we continue our journey?  Whatever, and wherever it takes us, of one thing we can be certain; Christ walks that walk alongside and with us.  Through the ups and downs, He sticks with us,     guiding and leading us through.  It’s not that He’ll barge on in and take over, but as we ask Him to lead us trusting in His ways with us, He will do so.  This is a part of the wonder of our God.

Interestingly, the church calendar we are about to enter is called ‘epiphany’.  That means the season of time when we reflect on God, bringing moments of sudden and great revelation or realization.  Those times when through our day-to-day living, we absolutely know because we’re experiencing it,  who Jesus is to us and all that God means to us.  It’s like light-bulb moments.  Christmas has come, now the full            realization to each of us of what that means to humanity in our daily life goes off like a flashbulb.  Again this is a part of the wonder of our God.

So how ought we to live in this coming year?  What attitude(s) should we  nurture?  What avenues of faith ought we to seek?

Robert J. Morgan put it like this; “We don’t postulate, speculate or      fabricate.  We don’t toss and turn in anxiety.  We simply know.  We know God…we know…His providence, and we can trust His provision.”

We get to know God more.  We trust in Him and His ways for us (His           Providence) in every day.  As Solomon once said, Proverbs 3:5 –

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;..” 

That’s good enough advice for us all.’