Office Updates

17 February 2019 From Rev Tom’s Desk

This Sunday (today) we have the blessing of being able to ordain and induct Andrew into the role of being Youth Pastor.  This is no small thing in his life nor in the life of this church fellowship.  Being a Pastor is a calling from God to enter into a specific area of ministry and […]

2 December 2018

The concept of ‘love’ these days is increasingly dumbed-down until it is hardly recognisable.  The love shared between friends or family, particularly between spouses, was always, meant to be something very special in its own place but now it’s often just a euphemism as people spout out the word ‘love’ as they jump from one […]

21 October 2018

During these last two weeks of holiday, purely coincidentally, the gun club I belong to hosted the Auckland Provincial Shoot.  The only bigger event would be the Nationals.  I spent quite a bit of time in the first week doing working bees at the field making sure the lawns were up to standard for such […]