Office Updates

31 March From Tom’s Desk

Last Saturday morning, the Elders and Team Leaders worked with the Very Reverend Andrew Norton working through the raw data from the parish review that was undertaken towards the end of last year.  It sounds like quite a gap between doing the review and facilitating its reflection, but a wee thing called the Christmas Season […]

Re 15 March 2019 Post from Judy Reynolds

The last two days we have been in Glenorchy at the top of Lake Wakatipu. Yesterday we decided to walk the first leg on the Routeburn Track. A cloudy day and off we went. I love walking through the beech forest listening to the bird song, mainly bell bird and kea, smelling the forest scent […]

15 March 2019 – four days on

Hi folks, It’s been about four days now since the tragedy in Christchurch. Fifty human beings gunned down all for the sake of some single person’s misguided belief system at the least or pure lunacy at the most.  Men, women and children died as they were at their worship.  These were Muslim folks at this […]

15 March 2019 – Christchurch attack

Hi folks, I just wanted to email you all, getting in contact with as many as I can at one time, to ask you pray for those who have been murdered in the evil attack against the people in Christchurch. This is something that as God’s people we must stand against with abhorrence and something […]

10 March 2019 From Tom’s Desk

Warrick, Andrew and I were just sharing afternoon tea when I decided to regale them with an account of something that happened to me recently. I decided to finally vacuum out my SUV and so one evening I got all the necessaries together and got on with the job.  By the end of it, the […]

3 March 2019

Last night the Preschool Governance Board met.  This is the Board that has complete oversight of the Preschool in terms of its staffing, curriculum and so on.  It is made up of three representatives from Preschool and four from First Church.  Day-to-day decisions are made primarily by the staff, especially the Head Teacher, but the […]

24 February 2019 From Rev Tom’s Desk

Towards the end of last year, quite a few members of the church fellowship, chosen randomly to participate, took part in a review of our parish as a whole and of First Church and Waiau Pa separately.  The results came out later in December right before Christmas and are now in the next stage of […]

17 February 2019 From Rev Tom’s Desk

This Sunday (today) we have the blessing of being able to ordain and induct Andrew into the role of being Youth Pastor.  This is no small thing in his life nor in the life of this church fellowship.  Being a Pastor is a calling from God to enter into a specific area of ministry and […]

2 December 2018

The concept of ‘love’ these days is increasingly dumbed-down until it is hardly recognisable.  The love shared between friends or family, particularly between spouses, was always, meant to be something very special in its own place but now it’s often just a euphemism as people spout out the word ‘love’ as they jump from one […]

21 October 2018

During these last two weeks of holiday, purely coincidentally, the gun club I belong to hosted the Auckland Provincial Shoot.  The only bigger event would be the Nationals.  I spent quite a bit of time in the first week doing working bees at the field making sure the lawns were up to standard for such […]