Office Updates

2 December 2018

The concept of ‘love’ these days is increasingly dumbed-down until it is hardly recognisable.  The love shared between friends or family, particularly between spouses, was always, meant to be something very special in its own place but now it’s often just a euphemism as people spout out the word ‘love’ as they jump from one […]

21 October 2018

During these last two weeks of holiday, purely coincidentally, the gun club I belong to hosted the Auckland Provincial Shoot.  The only bigger event would be the Nationals.  I spent quite a bit of time in the first week doing working bees at the field making sure the lawns were up to standard for such […]

24 June 2018

Last Saturday, Bron and I were at our shooting practice.  Unusually, only four of us turned up (weather?) including Bron and myself.  We had a great day and really enjoyed ourselves, although as always, we reckoned we could have done better.  I guess that’s always the way with all of us isn’t it when we […]

Last week, Ministers and their Presbytery Elders from the southern region of our Presbytery met.  We meet together (about 30-40 of us) about every two months.  At these meetings, we look at our own part of the Northern Presbytery (which stretches from Cape Reinga to Te Kauwhata!) because we are the ones living and working […]

11 March 2018

In today’s message, I’m going to be mentioning puritans, and in particular one famous one, David Clarkson (1621-1686). So I thought a bit of background might be useful, as they were not far away from our own Presbyterian Church roots, and in fact, were closely associated. So I managed to find, and have copied an […]

25 February 2018

I read about this the other day and I thought it was funny. There was a pilot who got on the intercom and said to all the passengers, “Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention please? Our guidance system is broken and I don’t have a clue where we’re at right now, but I […]

18 February 2018

The Elders and Team Leaders went on a retreat yesterday.  The sole objective of this one was to evaluate the Team’s ministry; to see if is still working well, could do with some tweaks, or ought to be replaced by something better.  These are the sorts of questions that need to be asked from time-to-time […]

18 January 2018 Camp Update Day 3

Wednesday 17 January The body is tired and knee is starting to ache, the throat is starting to croak and I feel amazing. Physically camp demanded a heavy price but the pay off of seeing God at work in people’s lives is incredible Whether out a sitting together as leaders at the end of the […]

17 January 2018 Camp Update – Day Two

Tuesday 16 January 2018 Today day two was a day of highs and lows I had the huge blessing of enjoying an amazing sunrise (see attached photos) And seeing the kids2kids team deliver there first session It is always such an honour to see another step beyond the fear and the sense that they aren’t […]

16 January 2018 Camp Update

Monday 15 January 2018 Day One of Kids2Kids Camp at Awhitu – report from Warrick ‘Had a good first day We started the day down a couple of kids due to sickness but by 5pm those 2 had improved enough to come join us and give us a full compliment of 36 kids Today was […]