From Pastor Tom’s Desk (Page 7)

5 June 2016

At the end of this month Presbytery will be holding one of its four seasonal meetings of all the Ministers under it’s purview (about 60 of us) plus an elder from every one of its parishes.  That ends up being a large meeting, but since the Northland Presbytery, of which we are a part, stretches […]

29 May 2016

We are approaching the one-year anniversary of having shared the vision for us as church here in First Church.  We’ll be celebrating that in early July, almost certainly by having another catered dinner for us all as a fellowship, although that has yet to be confirmed.  We’ll also use this wonderful time together to look […]

22 May 2016

I wonder if you’ve ever thought about the leadership of this fellowship.  I know that they have about you, and very often.  In fact, that forms a significant part of who they are in answering God’s calling on their lives since what they do is to help us all fulfil our own calls to be […]

15 May 2016

The last time I met with my supervisor (all Ministers are required to meet with one regularly) we got talking about the sorts of things all Christians ought to think about from time to time.  In particular whether I had taken the study leave I have meant to be taking over the last few years.  […]

01 May 2016

I’m away this weekend along with all of my family, including my son who is flying up from Dunedin to be with us.  The reason?  I have the joy, or is that, greater glory, ☺ of turning the corner into another decade of age.  It’s something I cannot say I thought much of when I […]