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19 February 2016

Today we’re looking at the second goal of our vision; ‘Leading forward in the vision for PAAT’. It’s actually a really great thing  to be a part of. I’m not even sure who first put it forward as one of the keys of our vision as church, because it wasn’t me, but it is an […]

05 February 2017

In my daily devotional from David Jeremiah, I came across this.  I particularly liked the way he put the two realities of either worshipping idols or worshipping the One True God together so that we could see the difference.  Idols are made in our image with all of our characteristics, whilst God makes us in […]

12 February 2017

I, like us all with emails on our mailing list, saw the bit that Trisha forwarded to us about making an impact in our town* . It was a request from the Papakura Town Centre Manager asking for help to do some work in and around the centre of our town. It could involve painting, […]

From Rev Toms Desk Jan 29

In a couple of weeks time, I am going to teach a short, 5-week series based on the 5 goals that we have as a part of our vision statement.  I am doing this as a  reminder to us all of the direction in which we have chosen to head, and to also give everyone […]

22 January 2017

I find the beginning of a new year as I start back at work always daunting.  It’s like the whole year stretches out ahead and if you think of it all at once, it can be a little overwhelming.  But little by little, step by step, we can move through the year doing whatever is […]

18 December 2016

Our Preschool had their presentation day last Wednesday.  It’s the end of year ‘do’ that celebrates the children and acknowledges the staff and the parents.  It’s always a time of much photo-taking with parents squeezing past each other at various times as they make memories of their children as they grow up. It’s a lovely […]

11 December 2016

The Christmas season is meant to be sweet, or so the media and advertisers tell us, but for many folks, it is a time of increased pressure and stress.  I for one feel the rise in stress as well as we approach Christmas, because just like everyone else, I am not just a Minister but […]

27 November 2016

Assembly is over and done with.  It wasn’t the worst I’ve attended but it sure wasn’t the best.  I’ve come home emotionally drained and physically tired, even as I write this on Wednesday and even after having my day off on Monday.  There were some great times of missional input, but there were also times […]

06 November 2016

On the 2nd of November, a national group to which I belong had their  latest one-day regional conference, in Tauranga.  People from a whole host of places from Whakatane, Te Puke,  Rotorua, Hawera and Auckland were there.  The group is called City by City and was founded by a guy who you may remember because […]

30 October 2016

Our final Presbytery meeting for the year is this coming Saturday as I write this.  It’ll be yesterday on Sunday. Confused yet? You should be! ☺ There are only four such meetings a year now, following the seasons, hence this one is the Spring meeting.  They go for a whole day although sometimes the Friday […]