From Rev Tom’s Desk

15 September 2019

What’s in a vote – one vote that is?  Here are two examples. A few years back, after more than twenty years of struggle from both sides, THE particular national issue over human sexuality came down to a final vote to complete some details.  This was to do with whether or not any ordained minister […]

8 September

Wayne Matheson is the Assembly Executive Secretary of the Presbyterian Church here in NZ.  That role makes him something like the top administrator of the PCANZ.  It is a significant role to have, and Wayne does it so well.  I’ve known him since I started in ministry in 1993 and he was a minister in […]

1 September 2019

As most of you will know, about 12 years ago I shared a vision with as many other Ministers and Pastors I could at the time in Papakura.  It was to do with what later became known as Papakura Alive And Transformed (PAAT) which was a movement of like-minded church leaders who wanted to see […]

25 August 2019

There has been a lot of discussion recently in Session, and in some cases, on our Teams Night about welcoming people when they arrive at church on Sundays.  This has been an on-going issue as we try our best as a fellowship to make sure that everyone feels welcomed and a part of what it […]

18 August 2019

Life goes along well and then out of the blue, a great unsettling happens and things feel decidedly soft underfoot with all sorts of other things in your life, bouncing around all over the place.  It is an extremely unpleasant experience to go through, a little bit akin to seasickness; the boat moves and sways, […]

11 August 2019

As you are all probably aware by now, I had to race to Hamilton in the middle of last week to sit with my mum who was in the last few days of her life.  She had been in a home over the last eight months and dementia had slowly but surely continued robbing her […]

28 July 2019

It’s been six weeks since I wrote my last snippet for the newsletter.  A lot has happened for me in that time including a month of study leave followed by two weeks annual leave that I usually take at this time of the year. Evonne and I had a lovely holiday in Sydney for ten […]

9 June 2019 From Rev Tom’s Desk

In 2009, I took some of my study leave at the time and used it to look at the rates of depression and/or burnout being suffered by clergy across many denominations. I had become aware of the increasing impact of it as an illness on those who have been called into ministry.  It has been […]

19 May From Rev Tom’s Desk

How cool it was to see so many of us at church last Sunday!!  In fact, it was ages after the service before the last of us even left.  I love that sort of fellowship seen and experienced amongst us.  It’s such a great time to catch up with one another and to, as my […]

5 May 2019 From Rev Tom’s Desk

Last night at Bron’s recommendation, Evonne and I watched a documentary/film based on the life of Billy Graham on Netflix.  I had already read Graham’s book called ‘Just as I am’ and it was an amazing read of an amazing person.  But the film was even more amazing because you could hear his comments, those […]