From Rev Tom’s Desk

17 November 2019

Someone once said, “You may not live by what you profess, but you will live by what you believe.”  I guess that’s why Jesus once said that “the way to identify a tree or a person is by the kind of fruit produced.” Mt 7:20 TLB.  That is to say, do their words and their […]

3 November

Just a few minutes before the first service last Sunday, I received a text to tell me that my favourite Aunt and my late mother’s only sibling, had died.  It tends to throw you a little getting news like that at that sort of time.  I mentioned that it had happened at both services as […]

27 October

As I mentioned in passing at the second service last week, we have just received the assessment of us as a parish completed by the Northern Presbytery as a result of a requirement of the Church Property Trustees to look at the national health of the PCANZ.  Every parish was asked to fill out forms […]

20 October 2019

This morning, we are going to look at the passage in Luke 18:1-8. It’s well-known on one level;, but perhaps not so well-known on another.  Yes, it’s about persistence in prayer, but it is also even more centrally about the character of God and our getting to know Him more. Derek Geldart, a pastor from […]

28 September 2019

Soren Kierkegaard, a Danish philosopher and theologian once defined sin as ‘building your identity on anything besides God’.  Tim Keller calls making a good thing into an ultimate thing idolatry.  He also said something like; ‘Although you may read the words of the God of the Bible, believe in the God of the Bible, pray […]

22 September

We had our 164th Annual Meeting last Sunday afternoon.  It was very well attended and all those who wanted to say anything at any time were given the opportunity to speak.  I thought that those who spoke to the various motions being put forward (and there were four!) did  a really good job in explaining […]

15 September 2019

What’s in a vote – one vote that is?  Here are two examples. A few years back, after more than twenty years of struggle from both sides, THE particular national issue over human sexuality came down to a final vote to complete some details.  This was to do with whether or not any ordained minister […]

8 September

Wayne Matheson is the Assembly Executive Secretary of the Presbyterian Church here in NZ.  That role makes him something like the top administrator of the PCANZ.  It is a significant role to have, and Wayne does it so well.  I’ve known him since I started in ministry in 1993 and he was a minister in […]

1 September 2019

As most of you will know, about 12 years ago I shared a vision with as many other Ministers and Pastors I could at the time in Papakura.  It was to do with what later became known as Papakura Alive And Transformed (PAAT) which was a movement of like-minded church leaders who wanted to see […]

25 August 2019

There has been a lot of discussion recently in Session, and in some cases, on our Teams Night about welcoming people when they arrive at church on Sundays.  This has been an on-going issue as we try our best as a fellowship to make sure that everyone feels welcomed and a part of what it […]