From Pastor Tom’s Desk

24 March 2019 From Tom’ Desk

Many years ago, approximately 30 years if I have to think about it, we were a part of a small but friendly church in a semi-rural town in the lower North Island.  After the service on Sunday (only the one service!) we would head into the church hall and have a cup of tea etc […]

17 March 2019 From Tom’s Desk

Next Saturday, the Elders and Team Leaders of First Church, as a part of our next retreat, will be meeting with the facilitation group from Presbytery to go over the results from the parish review that happened last November. The Presbytery group is led by the Very Reverend Andrew Norton who thankfully is a friend […]

3 February 2019

Wherever we are on our Christian walk, whatever our age and circumstances, we are on a journey.  We walk with God through the many ups and downs with which we are faced in this life, either as clear-headed or even sometimes, a bit muddled because we can’t quite see a way through at that moment. […]

27 January 2019

In the busyness of December at the end of last year, my mum had another fall, was put into hospital and there diagnosed with moderate to serious dementia.  She was put into a home because she could not return to her own home, and as you can    imagine, she was extremely unhappy about it all.  […]

25 November 2018

Last night at our monthly Session meeting, one of the key pieces of business on the agenda was the data gained from the recent parish review which has been sent to us by the coordinator of the process.  Overall, the data that we’ve just begun to look at shows a very healthy church which meets […]

18 November 2018

There was an interesting devotion from David Jeremiah as he was writing about pride and he incorporated a quote from Charles Stanley.  Stanley said “Each morning, the enemy lays out his landmines in our lives.  If we are not discerning we will fall prey to his tactics.  The landmine of pride can tear a gaping […]

4 November 2018

FROM REV TOM’S DESK I was talking to someone the other day and the nature of being a Minister in a church came up. This coming December, I will actually pass my 26th year of being a nationally ordained Minister in the PCANZ so I’ve been around for a while fulfilling this calling that God […]

28 October 2018

FROM REV TOM’S DESK   At the moment, the parish is undergoing a Presbytery review of us as a church.  Many years ago the Presbyteries across NZ used to have what were called quinquennial visitations, meaning they happened every five years.  In my 26 years of ministry in a parish, I’ve been seconded onto heaps […]

16 September 2018

FROM PASTOR TOM’S DESK It was a busy day for us all last Sunday.  Speaking for myself, I had     communion in the first service which is an important sacrament to share, then Anna’s commissioning in the second service, followed by soup and buns together followed by the two baptisms at 1pm.  A short time at […]

9 September 2018

This month, for one reason or another, is one of the busiest so far this year.  It seems like everything has suddenly come together with all sorts of meetings and events happening.  Some of the evening meetings are fairly usual but there is one that the First Church elders will need to work through concerning […]