17 January 2018 Camp Update – Day Two

Tuesday 16 January 2018

Today day two was a day of highs and lows

I had the huge blessing of enjoying an amazing sunrise (see attached photos)
And seeing the kids2kids team deliver there first session It is always such an honour to see another step beyond the fear and the sense that they aren’t adequately prepared and then to see the step out and serve God anyway – as adults we could learn a thing or two from ones so young
Today we also ran through our first day of rotation – me running car sledding, Daniel running archery, Zoe slime making, Penny building rockets. The kids have so many highlights
Sadly with these highs also came the lows the main one of these was the high winds and the effect it has on kids behaviour.  Anyone who works with kids knows what I mean. The kids weren’t naughty persay just increasingly silly.
Please pray for an improvement in the weather as camp doesn’t really lend itself the being stuck inside
Don’t forget too we would love to see you at 10am Saturday to help with clean up (the only birthday present I would like is your presence at camp this Saturday)
If you are planning to come out and can offer other’s a ride too please contact Trisha at the office
Thank you for your on going prayers and support