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15 May 2016

The last time I met with my supervisor (all Ministers are required to meet with one regularly) we got talking about the sorts of things all Christians ought to think about from time to time.  In particular whether I had taken the study leave I have meant to be taking over the last few years.  […]

8 May 2016

People often mention, and I observe as well, that attendance on any given Sunday at a service of worship, can vary quite substantially.  Just recently, a couple of Ministers have mentioned that same thing to me from their own patch, and certainly it is pretty obvious here too at First Church.  I don’t understand it […]

From the Office

Week One of Term Two the the school year.  It is an unseasonably hot May and I hope you are making the most of the great weather. Were you at church on Sunday when Warrick preached on 1 Samuel 17 – his theme being about the other battles before the main battle, and what David […]

01 May 2016

I’m away this weekend along with all of my family, including my son who is flying up from Dunedin to be with us.  The reason?  I have the joy, or is that, greater glory, ☺ of turning the corner into another decade of age.  It’s something I cannot say I thought much of when I […]