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13 October 2016

We had a rainbow over our house on Monday night, right over our house, the closest I have ever seen and the brightest, then there was a second one over the top.  The end of the rainbow was still not in sight!!, not on our place anyway but it was such a beautiful sight, lifted […]

09 October 2016

General Assembly is closer now than it was last week.  Takes a genius to figure that one out eh? The White Papers, all the material that covers every report, every notice of motion, pages of standing orders, and all sorts of other stuff that will either be discussed, agreed upon, or just used to seemingly […]

Holiday Programme at First Church September 2016

Each programme the children that attend are a mixture of a small number of children already involved in First church, a number that attend other church’s and the majority that are yet to come into faith and have a spiritual home. With a growing number of schools no longer having a Bible in schools programme […]

02 October 2016

The Annual Meeting went very well last Sunday.  In fact, it was one of the shortest I can remember although nothing was rushed through and everyone had an opportunity to speak. Having been so close to our big Vision Day recently meant that a lot of the forward looking stuff we usually do, didn’t need […]

25 September 2016

This afternoon at 3pm, we will be having our Annual Meeting. At this meeting, we will be approving all the reports that you have had available to read in the booklet that everyone has been handed out, using a comprehensive motion to include them all except for the financial report which will be taken separately. […]

18 September 2016

FROM REV TOM’S DESK   By the time of you reading this on Sunday, many of us will be feeling as full as a tick (a saying my father used to use) having been at the high tea event yesterday.  Piles of cakes with good company, and suddenly the waistline takes a beating. Oh well, […]

11 September 2016

The third key I will be looking at today in my message about community transformation is one of being a church which is community-facing. By that I mean, to have a social conscience.  So to learn more, you’ll have to listen to part three of this mini-series. ☺  But as I was wondering about First […]

04 September 2016

FROM REV TOM’S DESK  What do you do if people around you spontaneously start repenting of their sins and extraordinary things start happening in the community in which you live?  What do you do, if you see the local economy bloom compared to what it was before, crime disappear so that a police force is […]

31 August 2016

Hi guys…. great to see some sunshine in the last 2 weeks!! Apparently there is more to come because spring arrives tomorrow – according to the Herald anyway We have had lots of acceptances for the Old Fashioned Afternoon Tea – have you sent yours yet.  Please let me know by 9 September.  The Fellowship […]

28 August 2016

FROM REV TOM’S DESK  I’ve just been blessed with having had four weeks of study leave.  My leave this time was to look at what is happening around the world with local churches being involved in PAAT sorts of things.  It has been very illuminating, and this morning and the next Sunday, you’ll hear some […]