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27 November 2016

Assembly is over and done with.  It wasn’t the worst I’ve attended but it sure wasn’t the best.  I’ve come home emotionally drained and physically tired, even as I write this on Wednesday and even after having my day off on Monday.  There were some great times of missional input, but there were also times […]

13 November 2016

So here I go this coming week to our General Assembly being held in Dunedin.  It’ll give me brief times of catching up with our son, but the demands and schedule of Assembly will make it such that my time with him will be very limited. Still better some time than no time eh? I […]

06 November 2016

On the 2nd of November, a national group to which I belong had their  latest one-day regional conference, in Tauranga.  People from a whole host of places from Whakatane, Te Puke,  Rotorua, Hawera and Auckland were there.  The group is called City by City and was founded by a guy who you may remember because […]

30 October 2016

Our final Presbytery meeting for the year is this coming Saturday as I write this.  It’ll be yesterday on Sunday. Confused yet? You should be! ☺ There are only four such meetings a year now, following the seasons, hence this one is the Spring meeting.  They go for a whole day although sometimes the Friday […]

23 October 2016

Like every Minister in the PCANZ, I have a Supervisor.  Her role is to be a sounding board outside of the church but also to offer guidance and coaching, in her case, from a Christian perspective. One thing she’s been onto me about over the last two months has been to do with my own […]

16 October 2016

By the time you read this, we will have taken some morning tea over to the Fire Station across the road.  As I mentioned last Sunday, we want to do this simply to thank the fire-fighters for being there for our community.  It’s an easy thing to do, but hopefully it will have meant a […]

13 October 2016

We had a rainbow over our house on Monday night, right over our house, the closest I have ever seen and the brightest, then there was a second one over the top.  The end of the rainbow was still not in sight!!, not on our place anyway but it was such a beautiful sight, lifted […]

09 October 2016

General Assembly is closer now than it was last week.  Takes a genius to figure that one out eh? The White Papers, all the material that covers every report, every notice of motion, pages of standing orders, and all sorts of other stuff that will either be discussed, agreed upon, or just used to seemingly […]

Holiday Programme at First Church September 2016

Each programme the children that attend are a mixture of a small number of children already involved in First church, a number that attend other church’s and the majority that are yet to come into faith and have a spiritual home. With a growing number of schools no longer having a Bible in schools programme […]

02 October 2016

The Annual Meeting went very well last Sunday.  In fact, it was one of the shortest I can remember although nothing was rushed through and everyone had an opportunity to speak. Having been so close to our big Vision Day recently meant that a lot of the forward looking stuff we usually do, didn’t need […]