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04 September 2016

FROM REV TOM’S DESK  What do you do if people around you spontaneously start repenting of their sins and extraordinary things start happening in the community in which you live?  What do you do, if you see the local economy bloom compared to what it was before, crime disappear so that a police force is […]

31 August 2016

Hi guys…. great to see some sunshine in the last 2 weeks!! Apparently there is more to come because spring arrives tomorrow – according to the Herald anyway We have had lots of acceptances for the Old Fashioned Afternoon Tea – have you sent yours yet.  Please let me know by 9 September.  The Fellowship […]

28 August 2016

FROM REV TOM’S DESK  I’ve just been blessed with having had four weeks of study leave.  My leave this time was to look at what is happening around the world with local churches being involved in PAAT sorts of things.  It has been very illuminating, and this morning and the next Sunday, you’ll hear some […]

14 August 2016

Cracked Pots But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us. 2 Corinthians 4:7 Recommended Reading 2 Corinthians 4:1-9 Everyone knows what it’s like to be disappointed by someone we love or admire. Our  husbands, wives, children, or parents sometimes let us […]

14 August 2016

While many of you will be aware we want to upgrade the Kidzone logo to better reflect the contemporary nature of the programme we run, what you may not know is that we have recently added a new catch line to our logo ‘BE A PART OF THE ADVENTURE’. On the church website I wrote […]

24 July 2016 Holiday Programme Update

HOLIDAY PROGRAMME 11—15 July 2016 5 days 59 kids 8 salvations 10 youth leaders 5 junior leaders. But the numbers don’t tell the whole story of an excellent and amazing week nor the hundreds of hugs from kids who didn’t want to go home who didn’t want the week to end or the large numbers […]

10 July 2016

On Monday, Evonne and I will be going away on two weeks of annual leave.  If you have any pastoral needs then please contact one of our two pastors or one of the elders or phone Trisha who can then put you through to the best person. But after that time of rest, I will […]

19 June 2016

Last week’s sermon touched on Paul’s exhorting us all to rejoice!  Again in the same verse he repeats himself, rejoice!  Repetition means that it’s a point that he wants us to get, and get well. Then almost straight away he commands us to not be anxious but in prayer & petition with thanksgiving he says […]

Today I had a great run into work and was here 10 minutes early.  I was a bit worried because of yesterdays traffic – it took me 40 minutes to get here.  I think Warrick’s trip from Opaheke Road wasn’t much shorter.  Julian and I were just talking about all the people affected by that […]