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25 June 2017

Today we will be ordaining and inducting two people into the office of elder. To ordain means to invest someone with ministerial authority through the laying on of hands, in this case as one of the spiritual leaders of our church. To induct means to identify the position that they will be holding which is […]

18 June 2017

Coming up in  our church’s calendar we are being given the opportunity to share together as family at a talent show. The Fellowship Team has got this organised for us all, alongside so many of their amazing ideas designed to help us all build deeper fellowship.  They’re doing a really great job on our behalf […]

11 June 2017

I’ve just recently finished watching a DVD called ‘An Appalachian Dawn’.  Appalachia is a very large area in the East of the United States stretching from New York state down to Alabama. It has long been associated with ideas of hillbillies or families like The Waltons on TV many years ago.  It is a very […]

17 May 2017

Good morning Welcome to another week We have some exciting things happening here, the first one being the upcoming vote for two new elders.  This will be on Sunday 28th May immediately after each of the two services.  The vote will be done by ballot and papers will be handed out to you at the […]

21 May 2017

CMT (Creative Ministries Team) have been looking at re-arranging the second service a little bit, to see how we can continue to have a great service but which has a different layout than we have currently for freshness sake.  I think it’s a great idea and so if you experience things changed a little from […]

14 May – Faithful, Faith-less, Faithless

I  had some interesting feedback via texts, emails and by mouth (all positive) about the message last week, entitled, “Faithless, Faith-less or Faithful”. For those who were there or who have listened to it on the website, I looked at the two ends of the spectrum most commonly understood about belief i.e. faithless and faithful.  […]

23 April 2017

ANZAC Day is just a couple of days away.  It’s even easier these days for our family to remember because it happens to be Ben’s (grandson) birthday.  He’s been counting down as much as a three-year old can for quite a while now!  He thinks it’s been ‘next week’ for a while. But of course, […]

Palm Sunday 9 April 2017

This weekend, it is Palm Sunday.  Yes, it’s about Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, but it is actually so much more even if that were possible.  It is actually about our priority on God and where He wants us to be.  That’s what Jesus in His humanness struggled with in the Garden of Gethsemane when […]

Declaration of Confidence in God’s Protection

Recently, in my pastoral work around the parish, I have become aware of some of our folks working through times that are both challenging and testing.  These times have reminded me again of a prayer, originally written by Derek and Ruth Prince, that I pray several times each week in my personal devotions, not as  […]