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3 September 2017

I’ve just spent about five hours going through the material I have in preparation for writing a sermon to be presented this Sunday.  This sort of research is normal in a week for me and takes so long because there’s always so much to read, digest, and then understand in such a way that the […]

20 August 2017

A couple of Thursday evenings back, Ministers and representative Parish elders met at the inaugural southern regional meeting of the Northern Presbytery. The Presbytery as a whole covers from Cape Reinga down to Te Kauwhata which as you can imagine, is a huge area.  There are over 70 individual parishes within that region which can […]

13 August 2017

Warrick found an interesting article a little while back, written by the NZ Executive Director of the NZ branch of the Willowcreek organization. It is a large international organization which has a fairly significant impact on many areas of Christian mission around the world. After some recent travels around NZ, he made these observations amongst […]

6 August 2017

I’ve just finished a book called ‘The Cross of Christ’ written by John R.W. Stott.  Stott has died now (1921-2011), but in his time, he was probably one of the most influential, evangelical thinkers around, and without doubt has had a huge impact on many other famous Christian speakers and teachers of his day and […]

30 July 2017

Evonne and I started back at work this week after having the blessing of a two-week holiday.  We spent one of those weeks at a Bach in Tairua and a few days in a small Waikato village near Pirongia mountain.  May seem quite an unusual mix but in fact, we chose those places purposefully for […]

09 July 2017

Evonne and I are heading away for two weeks annual leave starting on Monday.  Although it’s winter it should still be a time for us both to regroup from the busy year so far and enjoy some restful peace and quiet.  I plan to read as many books as I can and do a whole […]

9 July 2017

IMPORTANT NOTICE FROM THE OFFICE The Office will be closed during the first week of the holidays—from Tuesday 11 July to Friday 14 July. If you have any urgent issues please contact an Elder—their names are on the back of this newsletter Trisha will be back in the office as usual on Tuesday 18th July […]

2 July 2017

Last week was full on for me. At least it felt like that at the end of it as I kept a low profile (the lawns could wait!), on my Monday off reading a book and have a great sleep in the day.  Six days in a row had I had some form of church […]

29 June 2017

Good morning – it is really nice here today, the heater is on, the sun is shining outside (no rain!!!) and it is nice to be in the peaceful and calm space that is my office today. I hope you are able to experience some peace in your day The Talent Show on Saturday was […]

25 June 2017

Today we will be ordaining and inducting two people into the office of elder. To ordain means to invest someone with ministerial authority through the laying on of hands, in this case as one of the spiritual leaders of our church. To induct means to identify the position that they will be holding which is […]