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28 October 2018

FROM REV TOM’S DESK   At the moment, the parish is undergoing a Presbytery review of us as a church.  Many years ago the Presbyteries across NZ used to have what were called quinquennial visitations, meaning they happened every five years.  In my 26 years of ministry in a parish, I’ve been seconded onto heaps […]

21 October 2018

During these last two weeks of holiday, purely coincidentally, the gun club I belong to hosted the Auckland Provincial Shoot.  The only bigger event would be the Nationals.  I spent quite a bit of time in the first week doing working bees at the field making sure the lawns were up to standard for such […]

16 September 2018

FROM PASTOR TOM’S DESK It was a busy day for us all last Sunday.  Speaking for myself, I had     communion in the first service which is an important sacrament to share, then Anna’s commissioning in the second service, followed by soup and buns together followed by the two baptisms at 1pm.  A short time at […]

9 September 2018

This month, for one reason or another, is one of the busiest so far this year.  It seems like everything has suddenly come together with all sorts of meetings and events happening.  Some of the evening meetings are fairly usual but there is one that the First Church elders will need to work through concerning […]