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5 August 2018

I found this the other day which I thought you might enjoy. A surgeon, an engineer, and a politician were debating which of their  professions was the best and the discussion turned to which was the      oldest. The surgeon said, “Eve was made from Adam’s rib, and that, of course, was a surgical procedure. Obviously, […]

8 July 2018

Evonne and I are going away for a couple of weeks driving around the lower North Island in parts we haven’t traveled before.  They’re about the only places we haven’t visited yet in NZ so we’re looking forward to it.  It’s a great country where we are, but having lived in a variety of NZ […]

1 July 2018

Because of a particular situation that is happening in the church at the  moment i.e. the process of selection of a new Youth Pastor, there can be the possibility of frustration for some.  I imagine the youth themselves might feel a little frustrated, but they do not have it on their own.  I for one […]

24 June 2018

Last Saturday, Bron and I were at our shooting practice.  Unusually, only four of us turned up (weather?) including Bron and myself.  We had a great day and really enjoyed ourselves, although as always, we reckoned we could have done better.  I guess that’s always the way with all of us isn’t it when we […]

17 June 2018

The Youth Pastor selection team have continued to meet several times over the last few months, continuing to do all due diligence so that we find just the right person for our church as a whole and specifically of course, our youth.  We have shared with each other often enough just how weighty the whole […]

3 June 2018

On the desktop of my computer, I’ve just set a photo as my background.  It’s a photo of a landscape that I took while fishing for trout (not catching I might add) on the western edge of Lake Hawea in Central Otago.  In the foreground from the boat, you can see beautiful blue water, edged […]

27 May 2018

I was talking to a guy today who represents a well-known para-church organisation.  He was a very pleasant bloke and we had a long chat about all sorts of things to do with what it is to be a local church. It came to the place where we were talking about the friendliness of church […]

Last week, Ministers and their Presbytery Elders from the southern region of our Presbytery met.  We meet together (about 30-40 of us) about every two months.  At these meetings, we look at our own part of the Northern Presbytery (which stretches from Cape Reinga to Te Kauwhata!) because we are the ones living and working […]

6 May 2018

The Parish elders, (not only those elders of the Session of Coles Crescent but also the parish elders from Waiau Pa and Bombay), have been meeting to look at the current structure of our parish so that we can evaluate it in terms of our  needs today.   It was originally put into place, unique amongst […]

24 April 2018

I’ve just finished several hours of research and pondering for the message for this weekend.  You’ll understand why it has taken so long if you look at the passage in 1 Corinthians 11:2-16. I feel quite pooped at the moment; my head has had enough of trying to juggle all sorts of thoughts, ideas, contemplating […]