First Church has a structure which involves areas of ministry being supervised by teams.

Each Ministry Team is a gathering together of like-gifted people, gifted by God for particular areas of ministry within the Body of Christ – both here at First Church, and wherever First Church has an influence in ministry. The purpose of such a team structure is to mobilize and release into ministry a wide cross-section of First Church members.

The six Ministry Teams are:  Prayer Team, Resource Team , Creative Ministries Team,  Outreach Team,  Discipleship Team, Fellowship Team

See below for descriptions of each Team

Team Statements

Prayer Team

‘to encourage, equip and mobilise the church in prayer’

The Prayer Team will develop strategies to support the minis-try of the church through prayer

Areas of responsibility:

    • Develop intercessory prayer across the church
    • Maintain good communications system in the area of prayer
    • Train (in consultation with ministry team) prayer-carers
    • Develop prayer teaching events/retreats
    • Corporate prayer events
  • Prayer resources (booklets)

Leader—Jenny Lees,   Elder—Anne ‘Aho

Creative Ministries Team

‘to call the people of God into a vibrant and living place of wor-ship before a holy and righteous God’

The Creative Ministries Team will co-ordinate worship services enabling and encouraging worship that is meaningful and relevant in order to glorify God. This will be done through such things as:

prayer, teaching, music, dance, drama

Areas of responsibility:

In addition to regular weekly services, CMT facilitates event services

  • significant times of the Christian Calendar eg Christmas, Easter
  • Events, meetings etc organised by other teams

We support a team of experienced and enthusiastic singers and musicians who minister at all of our services. Leadership for the team is currently provided by a worship director and music director working closely together.

For more information please see the Creative Ministries Team Booklet available in the Church foyer

Leader—Bronwyn Corbould,

Resource Team Purpose Statement:

‘to encourage and equip the ministry of the Church through the releasing of finance and material resources’

The Resource Team will support the ministry of the Church through the faithful stewardship of the plant and finances

Areas of responsibility:

    • Finance
    • Buildings
    • Grounds
    • Personnel
    • Initiatives to source funding
  • Community needs and direction

Leader—    David Wilson               Elder—Andrew Bennett

Outreach Team Purpose Statement:

‘to promote and support evangelism and mission, locally, regionally, nationally, internationally’

The Outreach Team will develop strategies to encourage, equip and mobilise the church to impact the community for Jesus

Areas of responsibility:

    • Encourage the ‘outreach’ ministries
    • Training/mobilising/releasing people to share their faith
    • Outward looking focus
    • Promote and support strategies
    • Co-ordinating role in their area of gift
    • Mission Council
    • Linking with national ministries (eg YWAM/OM)
    • Youth Camp
    • Evangelistic outreach (local, regional, national)
    • Contagious Christianity; Gossiping the Gospel; Holiday Programmes; Bible in Schools; annual newspaper – event focussed publication
    • Gift to the community
  • Angelslight; Schools ministries; Pre-School; Papakura Christian Services Trust; other Gift to the Community initiatives

Leader—Bronca Fox,

Fellowship Team Purpose Statement:

‘to encourage the growth and nurturing of loving relationships and caring concern for one another’

The Fellowship Team will :

organise events to facilitate relationship building;

oversee pastoral care of the church family;

co-ordinate strategies that will enhance the warmth and welcome experience within the church

Areas of responsibility:

    • Special social events
    • Pastoral care – visiting
    • Food bank
    • Counselling
    • Hospitality – welcoming/greeting
    • Rest Home Ministry
    • Church Camp
  • Visitor follow-up

Leader—           Elder—David Fern

Discipleship Team Purpose Statement:

‘to make disciples of Christ’

The Discipleship Team will organise, encourage and oversee initiatives that will enable growth and increasing maturity in the disciples of Christ in this church fellowship

Areas of responsibility:

    • Kidzone
    • Youthzone
    • Homegroups
    • Lantern
    • Library
    • Ongoing training/workshops
  • New Christians development or growth

Leader—       Anna Davies             Elder— Andrew Woodbridge