Bombay Cemetery, South Auckland

Contact for Information about Bombay Cemetery cnr Portsmouth and Bombay Rds, Bombay

First Presbyterian Church, Papakura

2 Coles Crescent, Papakura

P O Box 72978, Papakura 2244

Phone 299 8050

In case of emergency phone Trisha or John on 022 3996601 or (09) 299 8199

The idea of erecting a permanent Presbyterian Church at Bombay was first seriously discussed at a meeting of the settlers of Ramarama and Williamson Clearing at Mr. James Rutherford’s House, Great South Rd on 29th January 1866. It carried on the vision of the Rev Thomas Norrie who was responsible for building at least 18 other similar buildings in his parish that served as places of worship, schools and centers for each community.