9 September 2018

This month, for one reason or another, is one of the busiest so far this year.  It seems like everything has suddenly come together with all sorts of meetings and events happening.  Some of the evening meetings are fairly usual but there is one that the First Church elders will need to work through concerning the Districts of the Parish and this will be challenging.  Stress levels for all involved will naturally increase yet we all hope for good outcomes.  I guess we’ll see.  So please pray for us.  That meeting is on the 25th of the month.

One other meeting for us all is of course the Annual Meeting on the 23rd of the month.  The booklets for these will be out by this Sunday as the final report ought to be in Trisha’s hands by tomorrow (as of time of writing) so that she can then collate and print them all for us.

These meetings are always good, as we have time to get together and talk about the church we love and care for.  At this meeting, I am sure we will hear more of the status of the buildings as we move along through the process, often slowly unfortunately, plus there will be other things of interest to us all as well.  Such events as this may seem to some to be meetings of little interest but they are required by the PCANZ and they are more importantly, times when we can all have our say if we see fit.  The blessing here at First Church, is that I cannot remember ever having had one where there was bad feeling.  There has, in fact, always been a show of unity and care for one another as we all seek to grow God’s Kingdom together, and believe me, that is not always the case with Annual Meetings even within Christian fellowships; extremely sad but true.

But sooner than that, this coming Sunday we have a celebration of two baptisms.  We will be able to hear the testimony of the two involved, which I have always found to be a great experience in my own faith walk because as we listen, we are again personally stirred up by the wonders of what God is able to do in each of our lives.

The other great thing is that the baptisms will be at around 1pm which means that we can all come together straight after the second service and share buns and soup in a time of fun and fellowship.  They are always great times of being together as a church family.  Any excuse for that eh?