8 September

Wayne Matheson is the Assembly Executive Secretary of the Presbyterian Church here in NZ.  That role makes him something like the top administrator of the PCANZ.  It is a significant role to have, and Wayne does it so well.  I’ve known him since I started in ministry in 1993 and he was a minister in Balclutha.  He is a compassionate, friendly and knowledgeable person who is a good leader and very capable.

In his most recent piece that he writes in what is called the Bush Telegraph, (a monthly email for all Ministers in the PCANZ,) he was reflecting on a significant issue in modern-day Christian lives.  It is a situation that I have seen referred to over many years now by Christian leaders and writers from many parts of the world.  Wayne wrote the following, (my emphasis added).

“Life magazine named Johann Guttenberg its “man of the millennium”  in Autumn 2000 putting the printing of the Bible atop its list of the most          important events of the past one thousand years. Yet the book ends saying the very version of the Bible remains locked away… inaccessible.

In our day, the Bible has never been so accessible! It has been translated into over 2,500 languages. Millions of copies are purchased or given away every year. Nothing else is a close second. 

Yet, biblical illiteracy is a big problem!

It is a strange thing. A lot of people cheer the Bible, buy the Bible, give the Bible and own the Bible: they just don’t actually read the Bible…

Sometimes people become superficial with it, and they measure spirituality in ways like: How much of the Bible have you read? How much of the Bible do you know?

The older I become, the more I think God’s goal is not for me to get all the way through the Scriptures; God’s goal is for the Scriptures to get all the way through me.

That is a work in progress for me.”

The question for each of us is this; what are we doing about it in our own lives and/or in the lives of others?  Are we allowing God to ‘get His Scripture all the way through me’ or do we prefer to just do what feels good to us and become a part of that large group of superficial Christians?  For that will never do.

So if the latter, we join a very large group of ill-informed followers of Jesus Christ.  If the former, then we are allowing God to grow us in His ways, to know Him more and more, and for us to be used by Him for the furtherance of His Kingdom.  There simply is no greater adventure to have than that because it’s outcome is eternal.  It’s such fun and is so rewarding. A true blessing!!