4 March 2018

Our Parish District Council met last night (at time of writing) and it was a great meeting.  We only meet 3 or 4 times a year and sometimes, they can be a little too administrative to make them ‘fun’, but last night was good.

Now some folks in our church family may wonder who the heck I’m   talking about.  Well the fact is, we as a Presbyterian Parish are not just the church here at Coles Crescent, but it also includes our church at Waiau Pa plus our church at Bombay.  You see, our Parish is a network of three  parishes all come together to be as one, which is why our official name is First Presbyterian Church and Districts.  So at each District, we have our own gathering of local elders or Sessions but together when we meet we are called the Parish District Council.  It’s all not that confusing but just a little different which came as a result of historical reasons which I won’t go in to here.  If you come along to a Church Foundations Course you’ll learn more detail.

But why was this one so good (not saying that others aren’t or haven’t been!)

Well we met two new prospective elders for Bombay who were lovely guys, and who love Bombay Church passionately.  They’ve also got a good sense of humour which helps a lot!  But we also shared the stuff that is happening around our other Districts too, and although there are challenges which are common in pastoral ministry, there were also wonderful things to be shared amongst ourselves.  That gave us all, or  actually reminded us I should say, that in our Parish many things are happening in various locales which contribute to sharing the Kingdom of God and His Gospel.  It’s all great stuff and that’s just got to be exciting.

So when/if you pass Waiau Pa Church, remember you’re a part of them and they of you.  And when/if you pass Bombay Church remember exactly the same.