4 February 2018

Here’s some fun with some basic maths, cause basic maths is all I can do these days! Lol

In a day, there are 1440 minutes to use up.  Of that, 480, or 8 hours is used for sleep.  About 8 hours or another 480 minutes is used for work which leaves a further 8 hours for your own personal time of your own choice.  By the way, medical experts tell us that this split of 1/3 plus 1/3 plus 1/3 is what our bodies and soul ought to have per day to live a healthy, fulfilled life.

So here’s the bit you’ve all been waiting for. How much of that available time is spent in prayer with your Friend and Maker, God?  Because if it is just say 15 minutes, that’s about 1.04% of your day.

So then ask yourself, how long do I spend in the bathroom for example?  A recent UK study by the not-for-profit group UKactive found of 2,000 respondents found that they spent on average, 27 minutes per day. That’s almost double the time we spend with God as Christians if we pray only 15 minutes per day.  Makes you think eh?  Yes you could argue one is necessary and cannot be ignored since it’s only natural, but for a Believer, isn’t prayer necessary, shouldn’t be ignored and is also natural?  Of course, God won’t shout at you or remind you so it’s easier to forget Him and just do life like everyone else but in our busy lives, especially as Christians, we must never lose sight of our priorities.

This whole thing is salutary don’t you think?  Imagine a body of believers who do not pray to God to praise and bless Him, who do not intercede on behalf of others for their salvation, who do not pray for the health and growth of His Church, who do not pray for their local fellowship.  Where would we be?

What did Jesus do?  He knew how to get His priorities right.  He went straight to the Source of His life and needs.  He shared everything with His Father (and our Father).  He cried out to Him in pain, He sought Him in peaceful times, He offered Himself regularly to the Father’s ways; God was utterly, absolutely central in every facet and aspect of His life.  He was His very breath.

So maths aside, and you can see it was simple stuff, I believe each of us needs to once again pick up that gift of prayer, and use it for what God has intended it to be for each of us.  A large praying body is a powerful body and the gates of hell will never prevail against it!  But that body needs to be praying.