School holidays are already half way through.  Tom and Evonne are on their holidays, the Holiday Programme is over and Warrick will be off to Romania straight after the service (Sunday afternoon).

 The roads seems to be ‘less busy’ but the supermarket (when I was there Tuesday and again Wednesday) was really busy with all the families shopping.

 How are you doing with the children at home?  We have been ‘invaded’ at ours by our son and his wife and their 3 children for a few days.  It is a great treat for John and me but also for the girls, to see their cousins.

 The last time they all got together was  when we went down to their place in Gisborne last October.  These kids are growing up so fast and we really relish the chance to spend time with them and to see how much they have grown in the  six months since we last saw them.

 One thing I have always wanted to do in the holidays (or any other time if I can) is go to ‘Bibleworld Museum and Discovery Centre’ in Rotorua.  They have displays that show what life was like in Bible times—scale models, interactive activities and genuine artefacts.   Entry is free. 

 I have put some posters up in the foyer about Bible World and there are a few flyers on the table by the door.  They are not open everyday, so check their opening hours on the website if you plan to go.

 Whatever you do, have a lovely week.