Last week, Ministers and their Presbytery Elders from the southern region of our Presbytery met.  We meet together (about 30-40 of us) about every two months.  At these meetings, we look at our own part of the Northern Presbytery (which stretches from Cape Reinga to Te Kauwhata!) because we are the ones living and working here in our parishes and therefore we ought to have the most understanding of our local areas.  So we meet, share fellowship, and discuss how best to do the mission of the Kingdom of God in our area.

At this latest meeting along with a small number of others, I was asked to share something of what the population in our area was doing.  The reason was simply so that we could all try and get at least something of a handle on the demographics of our areas which would then determine our future mission initiatives.  So I shared how in the Papakura Council area which runs from Drury to Takanini and out to Karaka, the population is expected to double in the next thirteen or so years.  So the question is, how do we best prepare ourselves for this rapid growth of population so that we are ready to share the Gospel?  It’s quite a task as you can imagine.

Today (Wednesday) I went along to the memorial service at Countdown South to remember the security guard who was killed (murdered) last week.  The PAAT Ministers felt that we needed to be alongside the community on this occasion, hence we went.

What do you say about this sort of thing?

I watched the clouds scudding by on a beautiful sunny day a couple of days ago and was enjoying God’s hand of creation in them.  Then I thought, that that security guard will never be able to sit down, do what I was doing and enjoy the simple things of life ever again.  Someone took his life and there’s no going back now.  What a waste!  Life can be so short and the end can be so unexpected.  This shouldn’t surprise we Christians and we should always be ready for it, but what about for those who don’t know Jesus?  I have no idea if this man was a Believer in Jesus Christ (I hope he was) but there are so many around us who aren’t.  We have such a work to do in Jesus’ name, and although it may look too big for us, so where do we start, in Christ all things are possible and it is He who does the work; we simply serve Him and go where He sends us.  One life at a time, but for that life, hope for evermore.