17 December 2017

We’ve just had the funeral of our erstwhile longest surviving member of our church fellowship. Murray started here in the 1930’s and all his life, First Church was the primary focus and place of his worship of God amongst God’s people.  He contributed hugely into the life and mission of the church by being involved in so many things over the years. It would probably be fair to say, that there were few areas which did not end up having the ‘Murray’ touch.

He and RoseMay’s home also became a place where bits and pieces from First Church were stored for safe keeping.  Someone once said to me that if you got all that stuff together, you’d be able to build another church!!  I’m not sure if that’s true but maybe it was! J

At home Evonne and I have a small table and chairs set that Murray made to sell to raise funds for the church building work.  Our first grandchild always loved using these because for once, he had a table and chair his size.  You could tell they were made by a joiner too – none of those rubbishy joints that you often find in such things.

Murray was also a great guy to talk to.  He had so many stories to share, some of which he would say not to tell anyone else!  If it was a history question about First Church, then you went to him first – he was a mine of information.

But now he’s no longer with us.  Another of those from our fellowship who have gone on to glory in Jesus’ presence over the years.  All together they are now a part of that great cloud of witnesses spurring us all on in our generation to do all we can for the furtherance of God’s Kingdom.  Like so many of them, we cannot sit on our laurels nor can we not get involved for it’s not about simply the doing of things, it is at its essence, a matter of working out our faith in ‘fear and trembling’ knowing that we can never earn Jesus’ love, but from that love returned by us, we choose to do it.  There’s a world of difference.