3 December 2017

Every three years, ordained Ministers of the PCANZ have to go through a process of evaluation and review to earn what is called a Certificate of Good Standing.  The idea of this, as for other employees in the secular world, is to make sure that everything is going well with the Minister in their calling and that they are still of a good enough standard, hence ‘Good Standing’, to continue on in their ministry.

This is my third such review since they brought it in as something that must be done by Ministers, and I’m happy to say, that like the earlier two, it was a good report without any odd stuff showing up.  I imagine you’re pleased to hear that. Lol

Amazingly, I’m blessed to have a Reviewer who is co-owner of a large and well-known human relations firm.  She is very astute in her questioning, and is the sort of person who has that uncanny knack of asking very probing questions instead of just the easy ones.  She keeps telling me that such reviews are for my professional development and welfare, and by the end of it, I can see what she means, but the process can be a bit of a challenge.

She also has access to about seven other folks from the church fellowship with whom she is in contact and from whom she gathers answers to questions about me, etc.  I get to choose these folks, and am told they must reflect a wide base of the fellowship, but I never get to see what they actually say except for some quotes (unnamed) that she uses in my final report.  I do appreciate their hard work on my (and the church’s) behalf.

So in a short while, I will have another certificate on my wall to replace the old one.  I hope it’s a better colour than the present one which clashes with the décor of my office!