29 June 2017

Good morning – it is really nice here today, the heater is on, the sun is shining outside (no rain!!!) and it is nice to be in the peaceful and calm space that is my office today.

I hope you are able to experience some peace in your day

The Talent Show on Saturday was just great! John and I were able to catch up with some people we hadn’t had a chance to talk to for ages and the talent was really good. We had poetry, a story, singing, dancing, balloon animals and Kevin playing an original composition on the keyboard, and more. Thanks David Fern and your team. It was a really lovely night.

An of course the induction and ordination of new elders on Sunday morning.

Anna Davies is thinking about starting a group to study ‘apologetics’, and she wants to gauge interest in such a group – please let me know if you would like to be involved.  Quite often we send out emails and get no response because people are so busy and leave things till later.  If you are interested I urge you to reply to this email now – you will not be committing, but Anna would really like to know if something like this is of interest to people.   I got this definition off the internet – ‘Apologetics may be simply defined as the defense of the Christian faith’.

Communion this Sunday for 10.45 service and EPiC Bookshop is here again on 5th July 9.30 – 4pm. I will be down there first chance I get to have a look at what Fran has on offer, but also to say hello and catch up with her.

Please pray for Julian and his family in the States.  They are really going through tough times.