31 August 2016

Hi guys…. great to see some sunshine in the last 2 weeks!!

Apparently there is more to come because spring arrives tomorrow – according to the Herald anyway

We have had lots of acceptances for the Old Fashioned Afternoon Tea – have you sent yours yet.  Please let me know by 9 September.  The Fellowship want to plan the menu at Teams night on 13th September and really need to know numbers.  There has been alot of discussion about what to wear – some suggestions include the Top Hat Tom talked about at church on Sunday, tails, suites,  clothing like they wear in Downton Abbey. Don’t let that put you off tho as not everyone is comfortable at dressing up, me included.

We are hoping to get some feedback from Love This City – if you are / were involved in this one, could you please send through some stories? It would be lovely to hear how you got on and people’s reaction to being given gifts randomly

Please put 25 September on your calendar – that is our Annual Meeting which will be held here at 3pm.  We would like to see as many people here as possible.

I received this email below from the Methodist Church – they have a community prayer group but I also thought it might give you good ideas for what to pray for when you pray at 8.30 for our city.

REMINDER – Community Prayer Group Thu 01 Sep @ 9am / Methodist Church Papakura
Prayer reflection: How is the Spirit moving in my current working day? in my social service environment? in the Papakura networking community?

Enjoy Home Group tonight  and for all those people who are going out to home groups around Papakura – finally we get to go without getting rained on.

See you soon