30 July 2017

Evonne and I started back at work this week after having the blessing of a two-week holiday.  We spent one of those weeks at a Bach in Tairua and a few days in a small Waikato village near Pirongia mountain.  May seem quite an unusual mix but in fact, we chose those places purposefully for a couple of reasons, one being they were not too urban.

I find that from time-to-time I need to get back to where God’s creation is self-evident.  I love the sounds of the sea, the freshness of sea air and all that goes along with that. I also love the smell of NZ bush with the clean air that is always associated with such places.  In both cases, it is like God’s creation ministering to the soul and it is good.

Of course, that’s exactly as God has planned it to be, for His creation is a bit like an extension of Himself as it reveals to us through what He has made, more of His character.  The Bible even tells us that no-one can ever say that they never knew about God because of the creation around about us. Paul points out in Romans 1:20;

“For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities – His eternal power and divine nature – have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.”

Paul is saying that creation itself speaks of God because it reveals that a Designer is behind all we can see, feel and experience.  It’s the creation itself which speaks of or points to the ultimate source of life – God Himself.  I think that’s why both Evonne and I love being in those places where creation once again speaks life into our lives.

So maybe from time-to-time, as a part of your life of worship of our Creator, you might like to find a place that is meaningful for you in God’s creation, and simply ‘be’ allowing him to speak into your soul.  In this day and age of endless rushing, it is not a bad thing to do!