3 March 2019

Last night the Preschool Governance Board met.  This is the Board that has complete oversight of the Preschool in terms of its staffing, curriculum and so on.  It is made up of three representatives from Preschool and four from First Church.  Day-to-day decisions are made primarily by the staff, especially the Head Teacher, but the Preschool Committee made up of the teachers and parents is responsible for the more practical aspects of the work of the Preschool such as equipment etc.   The fact is, our church Preschool cannot function without all of these groups doing their work to the best of their ability, and praise God, the Preschool is indeed, doing very well.

What many people may not know though, is that the Preschool started, and continues to be, a ministry of our church.  It began 25-30 years ago and continues today under the oversight of Bronca and the Outreach Team that she heads up under the covering of Session. 

The Preschool is there to give thorough Christian input into the lives of young children as they experience early childhood education.  The children are not evangelised as such, but being immersed in Christian ethics, it’s a time when some very important lessons of life are learned and hopefully lived-out throughout their lives as they grow and mature. It runs based on Biblical principles such as caring, loving and teaching and as a result, the children who pass through the Preschool invariably come out being well-grounded in all the Christian ethics one would hope for as a parent.  The feedback we get from contributing schools is that our children are already well ahead in the basics of education and are well-behaved and well-socialised.  The kids have a great head-start in their education!

Of course, many of the families from whom the children come, are not Christian.  There are many different ethnicities in the Preschool which is a really great thing to have.   There are also many parents who are not Christian at all, but they recognise that what is taught is nothing but beneficial for their precious children.

So if you have any other questions about what Preschool offers, then see Evonne Phillips (Head Teacher) or ring the Preschool directly on 2982591 or just pop down to see them.  Evonne will be only too willing to help as much as she is able and you will be warmly welcomed.