3 February 2019

Wherever we are on our Christian walk, whatever our age and circumstances, we are on a journey.  We walk with God through the many ups and downs with which we are faced in this life, either as clear-headed or even sometimes, a bit muddled because we can’t quite see a way through at that moment.

The risk for those of us who have been believers for a while, is that we can easily fall into the ‘routine’ of being people of faith.  It can become for us a little humdrum, not that walking faithfully should be, but it can get like that for us in our practice.  The thing is, when we forget to involve Jesus in our lives daily and moment-by-moment, or we begin to expect less of Him in our lives because we’ve done it all before and there’s nothing new, then we truly miss out on the abundance of what life in Christ is, can be, should be and must be.

There’s just so much more than we expect or could imagine actually.  As Paul put it succinctly, “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine,..” Eph 3:20

Just recently for me, I’ve been praying that God would reveal His love for me more and more and that I would grow still deeper in my walk with Him as one of his children.  Now I imagine a lot of you do something similar, but in God’s grace and mercy, there have been times over the last few months where I have been again so reminded of His walking with me daily.  Little things perhaps but still this sense that we are walking together through life has been so real and strong; almost tangible.  I’ve loved being in those places (again).  It’s simply reminded me that there is so much more to knowing God, even, and perhaps especially, as we grow and mature in the things of the Lord.

So please don’t fall into that trap of taking Jesus for granted.  Not praying like you used to, not expecting much of God as you used to, not having the time and you used to, but lean into Him more than ever before.  He loves sharing your day with you. He loves helping you through the darkest moments and the lightest days.  It is truly a blessed place to be, knowing that you really are safe in the arms of your Loving Lord.