25 September 2016

This afternoon at 3pm, we will be having our Annual Meeting.

At this meeting, we will be approving all the reports that you have had available to read in the booklet that everyone has been handed out, using a comprehensive motion to include them all except for the financial report which will be taken separately.

Then we will have a time of general business which I will ask for at the beginning of the meeting so that I can best organise our time together.  In that general business section, we will have an update about the Rosehill properties and the current situation there, which has taken a huge amount of time behind the scenes from some of us to help move forward.  It has been, and remains, a complicated process believe me!

Annual Meetings are key in a church’s year for a whole bunch of reasons. Much of it is simply informative to make sure that    everyone who calls this fellowship their spiritual home, is aware of what they need to be aware of.  But since we had our Vision Sunday Anniversary so recently as a whole church gathering, where we discussed vision and our future building programme along with other important matters, not as much along those lines needs to be shared at this meeting today.  That gives us   opportunity to discuss other matters as needs be.

So I’m looking forward to today.  Please come along for this time together as God’s family here to join in fellowship, sharing in relationship, and all together being about God’s purpose using us for His Kingdom here at Papakura in this season.