28 July 2019

It’s been six weeks since I wrote my last snippet for the newsletter.  A lot has happened for me in that time including a month of study leave followed by two weeks annual leave that I usually take at this time of the year.

Evonne and I had a lovely holiday in Sydney for ten days with the average temperature of 19 degrees and every day being sunny.  Sorry about that folks! I hear it was a little more damp here during that time!!

Unfortunately, my mum had her third emergency trip to Waikato Hospital while we were away and for the third time, nearly died.  That made things quite stressful for us, but Bronwyn kept an eye on everything here, keeping us in constant touch as to how things were unfolding.  Thankfully mum recuperated somewhat and went back to the rest home.  I visited her once I got back and we had a really lovely time together.  It was just as special a time as before we left to go on holiday where she was in a good space then too, which with her suffering dementia is not always possible.

So with Spring just around the corner (more or less) we all have that wonderful time of the year coming up don’t we, when that which had seemed dormant and unproductive in the ground, hidden from view, suddenly springs forth with spring bulbs and flowers blooming.  Lovely green leaves burst out on the trees and cherry blossoms bloom with the air filled with sweet perfumes.  

It’s the same in the Kingdom. Heaven is near.  God is working in the unseen towards the great day of His Kingdom fulfilled just like the bulbs under the ground.  And when that day arrives, when those ‘bulb’s burst forth…what a day that will be!!  All we’re called to do in the meantime is to keep on keeping on, remaining obedient to His call and humble in His hands.