28 January 2018

In the church calendar, we’re in the period after Christmas called Epiphany.  That word comes from two parts; epi meaning ‘on’ or ‘to’, and from the root phanein meaning ‘to show’.  So Epiphany speaks of the revelation of or to the power of God to reveal something exceptionally important; a time or moment of sudden and great revelation or realization which in the Christian context is the revelation of Jesus as God-with-us and His works.

So in Epiphany you would find passages which talk about the showing of His divine power, His purposes and plans for the salvation of humankind. You will see His power at work to bring healing and restoration above all of which is the total and complete destruction of the kingdom of darkness that has tried (and failed) to come against God’s Kingdom of Light.  In other words, Epiphany really speaks of the cosmic war in which we are all involved whether knowingly as Christians or unknowingly and non-Christians. Whether we choose to see it or not, it is happening all the time.

So Epiphany has a particular time in the church calendar much as the times of Easter, Pentecost and Christmas, but as we know from all these, the fact is, the power and influence of them all impacts us every living day we have and even our life into eternity.  For without Jesus’ birth, life, death and resurrection we would not have the hope of the Christian faith through which we have all been set free, should we accept it from Him.

Have you accepted it from Him?  Do you know that faith means surrender to His ways in your life with He as your Lord?  Do you know that hope means knowing that you have a purpose in the Kingdom-work of God and therefore that you matter immensely?  And do you know that love for God means that He alone is your Treasure and worthy of all your heart towards Him?

For Epiphany speaks of the power of God and the presence of His life made available to you; just for you.  It speaks of His exorbitant love for you; just for you.  And it speaks of God’s smile before you with welcoming arms, grace-filled eyes and a loving heart of welcome for you; just for you.  All of this, just for you!