27 January 2019

In the busyness of December at the end of last year, my mum had another fall, was put into hospital and there diagnosed with moderate to serious dementia.  She was put into a home because she could not return to her own home, and as you can    imagine, she was extremely unhappy about it all.  We tried to maintain some form of contact initially but we were told that she needed her own space for a few weeks to settle in.  We gave her the space with the result that she could not be with us at Christmas, as planned, nor could we enjoy her company.

Finally, Evonne and I went and stayed in her home, giving it a thorough clean etc, and we made tentative moves to visit her for the first time after a month.  The first visits were a challenge but at the end of the week, we had a time where you could see her calm down a little, and we had a lovely time together.

Now I’m organising the sale of her home and most of her goods on behalf of the family, which feels something like a bit of a ‘death’ already. 

These are hard times in life and feelings can be so raw.  For so many in our church, this is nothing that they themselves have not been through. I’ve walked alongside so many of you through such times so my words and current experiences would ring true with you.

Two things have struck me; the warmth of God’s sufficiency even, and most       profoundly in, the midst of tears, and the sufficiency of the people in His Body, our fellowship, who offer warmth, encouragement and comfort.  These things are so significant and mean so much.  You all know what I mean.  God provides for us   directly and He provides for us indirectly through His children to each other, you and I.  That’s what church is about.  A place of shalom, of peace beyond peace, and the calmest of calms.  God is good!