24 September 2017

I went to a meeting yesterday that was arranged by the Presbytery for Ministers who were either already retired or who would be in the next decade or so. It was led by a finance group who shared all the ins and outs of the Presbyterian superannuation fund and how it applies to Ministers. The meeting went for two hours without a break, covered 55 power point slides and used language and new terms to me that made my head hurt! I think, if I’m going to be honest, I came away more worried about retirement than when I went in. Anyway, it was a good attempt to help on behalf of presbytery for which I am grateful. I’m sure it’ll all become clearer sooner or later.

It’s a funny thing after having worked for so many decades to then be thinking about the end of your working life, not that the end of your working life necessarily means at the age of 65 anymore. I remember starting out from school at the age of 17 and not even contemplating anything different. But different it becomes, as many of you know and have done for many years. When you’re younger, you feel you’re ten feet tall and indestructible. How life changes.

But in Christ, funnily enough, life doesn’t change at all. I was as much loved by Jesus at age 17 (although I didn’t know it yet at that time) as I am now at my current age. With Him, our aging has no impact on how He thinks of us. Whatever age we are at, we are still His beloved child for whom He lives and through Himself, calls us into life.

That’s the great thing about our Living God. He is the same yesterday, today and forever; One on whom we can depend through thick and thin, night and day. All He asks of us, or offers to us is, live for Him first and foremost forsaking all else so that we can not only grow in His life for us, but that we can grow in His abundant life.