24 June 2018

Last Saturday, Bron and I were at our shooting practice.  Unusually, only four of us turned up (weather?) including Bron and myself.  We had a great day and really enjoyed ourselves, although as always, we reckoned we could have done better.  I guess that’s always the way with all of us isn’t it when we are learning new skills and at the same time, having fun doing it?

At one point in the morning, Bron and another person had to go across to another part of the club grounds to do some work on a trap.  That’s the piece of equipment that throws the clays out at about 80kms per hour.  That makes them hard to hit I can assure you.

So after they had gone, I realised I was alone with this other guy as we got ready to do some more shooting.  He’s a very nice guy who we’ve both got to know over the last year during which at one time, he mentioned something about his looking around at   different faiths.  At that time, I just listened, and then at the end pointed out one of the most significant differences between Christianity and every other world faith.  He understood what I’d said, and then the moment passed.

As a result of this meeting, I had decided to give him an invitation to our latest Alpha course but unusually, I never saw him at a practice again until just recently when it was too late for our present course.  But I had still decided that one day, if the situation was right, I’d bring it up with him to see what he thought for a future course.  And so guess what?

Like I said above, last Saturday we were alone, getting ready to shoot at some targets and so prompted by the Spirit, I chose to broach the subject with him and ask him if he was interested.  We had a great talk about all sorts of stuff to do with faith after I’d asked.  He wasn’t offended (I asked him) but was happy that I mentioned it.  The funny thing turned out to be however that his wife is an Alpha leader in her church anyway!  That changed things a bit, but on the other hand, I was so pleased that he was so close to having someone able to speak into his life about the Lord.  Obviously, he just isn’t ready yet.

My point is this; always be ready to share the Gospel wherever you find yourself, even on the firing line of a gun club if that is the time and place God made ready for you and them.  It’s just as Peter said (1 Peter:3:15-16);  Always be prepared to give an      answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience,..”

So folks, there’s your mandate, your permission to step out in faith and that from God.  Inviting folks to our wonderful Alpha course can be just that easy as I showed above.  Hopefully it’ll be with a slightly different outcome, but if you’re willing, and if you ask for God’s intervention to bring circumstances together, He will respond and He will bring you that opportunity.  When He does, please use it.