24 February 2019 From Rev Tom’s Desk

Towards the end of last year, quite a few members of the church fellowship, chosen randomly to participate, took part in a review of our parish as a whole and of First Church and Waiau Pa separately.  The results came out later in December right before Christmas and are now in the next stage of analysing them alongside the review team from the Presbytery.  This involves the leaders meeting with a Presbytery Facilitation Workgroup on a Saturday, and spending the day going through the data piece-by-piece.  I think that will be a long day, but I imagine that it will be very useful in the life of our church.

Now I’m not sure when any results will be made more public, but you can imagine that since many of the questions were quite personal especially for the staff, we have to take that into account and so we’ll be guided by the Presbytery Facilitation Workgroup on this.  But without being pre-emptive or causing any upset, I do think that it is fair to say that in every category from mission to worship and everything in-between, there was a more than ninety percent favourable response from all those who did the survey with only one in the mid-eighties.  That’s actually a truly excellent result and shows a church fellowship in good health and with a heart for God’s Kingdom.  I do remember one respondent who talked about the great sense of love that they felt in the fellowship between one another; a comment shared in various ways by many others.

So since the Elders and Team Leaders have a retreat organised for the 30th of March, we are currently thinking that if we can arrange it with the Presbytery group, we will try to use that day to go through the material piece-by-piece and then go from there.  We’ll be asking for your prayers for us on that day as we always do, so you will hear more about it closer to the date.