24 December 2017


Well Christmas Eve is upon us and in just a little over a week, 2017 will be no more and will never be repeated. A sobering thought isn’t it especially when we reflect on every day we have in life?  Of course such a reflection has to be viewed within the eternal context of life with Jesus, begun now and lived forever in His Presence.

 In this year as a fellowship, we’ve had to farewell some folk including some who have gone to glory to be with the Lord, but we’ve also had some amazing people join our fellowship. 

 Funnily enough, Fran from the bookshop popped in this morning and she made a lovely comment.  She said to us that this church has such a lovely feel about it and she just loves it; she has very warm feelings for the people here. 

 Also recently, there were another couple of times when strangers   visiting also made similar comments.  People walk in the door and sense that this church is a ‘house’ where the Lord God is welcomed, adored and worshipped by folks who love Him and His Kingdom.  As a result of our love for God, love for each other also flows freely.

 It’s an amazing church in which to minister and belong and for that loving care, support and encouragement that I personally receive from you all, I offer you all my heartfelt gratitude and love.

 So 2017 will soon be over.  It’s been a tough year for some in so many ways I have to say, but in so many other ways, it has been a year of amazing blessings, growth and fun.  But wherever we have found ourselves this year, we can continue to praise God for all His amazing blessings, for His love for each and every one of us, and most of all, for the blessing of His Son our Saviour Jesus Christ in our midst in our hearts. He walks with us, supports us, encourages us, tends our wounds and oft-damaged hearts and calls us into greater and greater life!  To Him be the Glory!