24 April 2018

I’ve just finished several hours of research and pondering for the message for this weekend.  You’ll understand why it has taken so long if you look at the passage in 1 Corinthians 11:2-16.

I feel quite pooped at the moment; my head has had enough of trying to juggle all sorts of thoughts, ideas, contemplating this and then that, so that I can preach a message on Sunday that will not a) put people to sleep, b) get some peoples’ backs up needlessly and most importantly c) give due honour to God’s word without losing His intention.

So, with ANZAC Day off tomorrow, being with family to celebrate Ben’s 5th birthday at the Zoo, I’ll have some time for the brain cells to slow down a bit I hope, before I begin to write the message on Thursday!

But tonight, all the elders of the three Districts of the Parish will be meeting.  We want to look at how we work as a parish made up of our Districts.

The design of the Districts model was initiated a few decades ago when the world and our local community, was very different to what it is today.  We need to see if our parish model is still achieving what it was originally designed to do.  That’s going to take more very careful thinking, pondering, discussion and decision.  I doubt if such an important thing will take just one meeting, but at least tonight, we will be able to get the ball rolling.