21 October 2018

During these last two weeks of holiday, purely coincidentally, the gun club I belong to hosted the Auckland Provincial Shoot.  The only bigger event would be the Nationals.  I spent quite a bit of time in the first week doing working bees at the field making sure the lawns were up to standard for such an event plus a plethora of all sorts of other things.  Some days I went home absolutely pooped and muscle-sore.

On one of those days, a friend and I had to sweep wet grass off the concrete lanes from which we shoot, all twenty of them!  It was laborious work using a stiff bristle broom, but it looked good once it was done.

However, God had some other thoughts about our time together.  Out of the blue, this friend started asking me all sorts of questions about Christianity.  He had been brought up a Catholic until he threw that in when he was 17.  Some years later, he became a Mormon for 7 months until he clashed with their understanding of who Jesus is.  But in all of this time he has continued to keep thinking about spiritual matters.  He’s a deep thinker and so with brooms in hand, we had some deep discussion too.  We covered such things as his thoughts on Buddhism, that  living a good life must deserve heaven, whether heaven existed or whether someone who wanted to go to hell then went to hell rejoicing because they go what they wanted, and so on.  I must admit that I was very worried that I might answer poorly or in such a way that he might be put off Christianity, but you know, God always supplies your needs in those sorts of times.  He’s a good friend and after half an hour, we’d finished the sweeping but not the discussion which is merely paused because I’m sure it will continue on at some later date.  I so hope that he receives Jesus into his life at some date because he’s a lovely guy and I know that Jesus is the answer for all, but we’ll just have to see.

By the way, a bit of puffing out of chest here.  I entered 7 shooting disciplines and got placed in 6 in my grade.  Of that 6 I also won the championship in 2 of them.  I often prayed, “Jesus grant me a quick eye and a straight shot” and you know, I reckon He did!