2 July 2017

Last week was full on for me. At least it felt like that at the end of it as I kept a low profile (the lawns could wait!), on my Monday off reading a book and have a great sleep in the day.  Six days in a row had I had some form of church event beyond the usual weekly work including a funeral on Saturday morning.  It was a lovely family-type day and I know the family appreciated what happened at the service.  It was a private burial and for only the third time in 24 years of taking funerals, etc, it rained!!  In fact all three times it has rained at the graveside have been here in Auckland.  What’s that about?! Still, the rain didn’t put us off and it was a lovely graveside part of the service.


That night was also the pot-luck dinner and the talent show.  Evonne was away that weekend because she and her sisters are pretty concerned about their mum who suffers from emphysema.  She’s not doing so well at the moment but is okay(ish). That meant I was at home looking after myself.  That then also meant I had to ask myself what to take to the pot-luck tea.  I’m afraid to say that I let my ‘fingers do the walking’ and ordered a pizza.  I know it’s nothing too flash. but they still go down well don’t they?


The talent show was excellent.  I’ve been to a few of these sorts of things way back in the past, even including the family and I singing and playing a couple of songs at one, and although they’ve always been fun, I thought this one was the best so far. I really enjoyed the variety of what was offered and also, I enjoyed being a part of such a large number of people who turned up to share the time together.  It was very cool.


Sunday followed with two great services, with the second marked by the ordination and        induction of two elders, Karyn and Peni.  These are always special occasions, but this one was very special.  For me, there was just this extra sense of the presence of God in a blessed way.  I’m looking forward to working alongside these two in the Sessions to come.


The other thing I want to mention is this. As needs require, we have an opportunity for folks who attend First Church to become mission members.  I can run (depending on interest) a short, three evening course called First Church Foundations which talks all about who we are, what we believe and how we choose to operate as a local church here in Papakura.  This forms a great foundation for becoming a member, but is not compulsory.  The most important thing is that folks want to formally join with us, declaring an intent that this is where they call their spiritual home and that they are committed to each other here.  So if you’re thinking about wanting to become a mission member, you’ll find a booklet about what that means in more  detail on the foyer wall, and then if you’re keen, please let Trisha know.


If we have enough interested folk, I’ll also run a Foundations course.  Just let us know!