2 December 2018

The concept of ‘love’ these days is increasingly dumbed-down until it is hardly recognisable.  The love shared between friends or family, particularly between spouses, was always, meant to be something very special in its own place but now it’s often just a euphemism as people spout out the word ‘love’ as they jump from one partner to the other.

I remember years ago there was a popular sitcom on TV called ‘The Love Boat’.  Love had nothing to do with the activities on board. Cheap relationships maybe, but certainly the downgrading of God-given love was there for all to see.  It was all wrapped up in lovely background dramas but in the end if one were asked to reflect on what is has left in the memory banks, it sure wasn’t love as God planned it to be.

Now of course we have MAFS.  For the uninitiated that stands for Married At First Sight.  It’s another TV programme where individuals are picked out as being a suitable matching couple by those who supposedly know these kind of things, and not knowing who their ‘special’ other will be until the last minute, they walk down the aisle together to be officially married.  And of course, love is meant to blossom.

Then of course there are The Bachelor and The Bachelorette shows.  Similar theme.  Men or women (depending on the show) who vie for the ‘privilege’ of being chosen by the bachelor or bachelorette to live happily ever after….in love.

All these shows are done in the name of love.  A seedy counterfeit model of the real thing which more and more in the West anyway, are seeing as the new norm.  This was never how God planned it.  The dehumanisation of something so beautiful and key between human beings made in God’s image, whether friends, family or spouse, which is supposed to rise up above the simple instincts between animals in the animal kingdom is there for all to see.

Jesus gives us the perfect example of what love is.  He exemplified everything that is holy and pure about the various forms of love whether friendship or something deeper.  To see and understand God’s intention for love, look at Him in the Bible.  And then using Him as the yardstick, in our human relationships, ask, what would Jesus do here?  Because He will shine His light bringing His truth that sets us free and keeps us from so much harm.  And living under His gaze, even though it’s true we do trip up from time-to-time, we can at least be sure that we can return to that which is the beacon (Jesus) who will always guide us home.