19 May From Rev Tom’s Desk

How cool it was to see so many of us at church last Sunday!!  In fact, it was ages after the service before the last of us even left.  I love that sort of fellowship seen and experienced amongst us.  It’s such a great time to catch up with one another and to, as my father used to say, ‘chew the fat’! I’m not sure I’d like to do that literally but I get the gist of what he meant.

A visiting person who I had quite a talk with, commented on just how warm and friendly the church was. I had actually asked a couple of folks to have a word with him which they did, and he was so appreciative.  The way he was talking was that it was not always such an experience for him, so well done church!!

We also got talking about denominations.  I didn’t ask which one he was from but then I mentioned that I’m not much of a denominationalist as I had belonged to three in my Christian walk and in each setting, I always considered myself to be a Christian before whatever that denomination was. I think he was a little surprised to hear that but warmly so. I also talked to him about how we see what used to be called ‘denominations’ but which we call ‘flavours’.  He said that he had never come across that concept before but felt that it was right on the money; it is how church ought to be seen as one and not a whole bunch of potentially squabbling groups over inconsequential matters.  Of course there is the fundamental standard of needing to agree with the orthodox, historic Christian faith but such things as interpretations or deductions or traditions as long as they don’t enter into the substance of the faith are fine.  Historically, these are the areas that have been argued about which seems so daft to me.  Gnats have been strained out and camels swallowed in the past!!

So folks, give yourselves a hug!  People do find us all a welcoming place of loving people who follow God with all their heart, loving Him always and loving each other as ourselves.  I think Jesus mentioned something like that for His Church didn’t He?  Oh yes, that’s right.  He called it the Great Commandment!! J