18 September 2016



By the time of you reading this on Sunday, many of us will be feeling as full as a tick (a saying my father used to use) having been at the high tea event yesterday.  Piles of cakes with good company, and suddenly the waistline takes a beating. Oh well, all for a good cause eh??!!


And next Sunday (25th) at 3pm we will be having this year’s Annual Meeting.  At it, we as a church fellowship, will have the opportunity to approve the reports that have been circulated prior to the day as well as hear about current major situations that are given to keep the fellowship up to date with events. One of these will centre around our  efforts to improve the church property, which of course, has always been an on-going thing that the Resource Team considers and does throughout the year,  but we also have major steps underway, and so it’ll be good to hear about these.  There is also a time for any general business to be presented from the floor, i.e. the people, and hopefully answers to any questions will be able to be given at the time should any arise.


By the way, like any Annual Meeting it will run according to standard meeting procedure but because we’re all such a friendly bunch☺ there will be room for me to allow some ‘liberties’. I will be able to decide which way we jump on the day depending on what is happening.


So if it’s like nearly all the others that we’ve had here in my time of   being the Minister, it will be informative, but also relational in a good way.  That’s how it is meant to be of course, so let’s all look forward to that time together as family.


If you’re unable to make it, then please send in your apologies to Trisha via email or phone, etc.  They will be recorded against the minutes on the day.