18 March 2018

I’ve just got in from the latest meeting of directors of the Rosehill Medical Centre. I’m not a Director, but I sit in at their meetings as a representative of the Papakura Christian Services Trust as the Medical Centre comes under the covering of that Trust. I generally just sit and listen to what is being said and occasionally ask questions or give some input, little as it may be from the Trust’s point of view or from our Parish’s point of view since the Medical Centre is on our land at Rosehill, but nevertheless it may be useful.

The three Directors (including Judy Reynolds) are amazing people who work so tirelessly to keep reasonably priced yet quality medical care available for all within the Papakura area, but in particular, those in the Rosehill area which has a low socio-economic status. It is a costly thing to manage, made even more so, by their desperate need to enlarge and modernise their buildings.

To that end, they have spent the last few years getting architects plans, builders and other ancillary trades quotes together to see the project through. On top of all this challenging work, there is the almost literal mountain of paperwork needing to be done that council seems to enjoy forcing upon anyone such as themselves who want to do building work. I know that is perhaps a somewhat jaded view to hold but when you see the hoops the Director’s have had to jump through (and are still jumping through) I think you’d understand. In fact, almost at every turn, they’ve had to deal with this kind of stuff. Such is modern life I guess.

But the key point I want to put before you all is this. Due to the delays that were unexpected and therefore unplanned, their costs have risen by $300,000!! and this is not due to any complacency or errors or miscalculations on their part. And since they don’t own the property, because we as a National Church do, they cannot borrow money against that as collateral, so they have to try other means which are few and far apart. The Directors have been working so hard to keep the Centre open, but frankly, it’s future is literally on a knife-edge.

So yes, money is needed, but that’s NOT why I’m writing this. The Medical Centre and its future needs your PRAYER!

We decided today at our meeting that we are going to try to mobilise as many believers as we can amongst our local churches to pray for all that is needed for the Medical Centre to continue its mission of reaching out to those who need it most. It is a monumental task but we worship a God who is above all else. He holds all the riches in heaven in His hands, and so we can confidently come to Him to do that for which we are unable.

So folks, please don’t just wave this off, but please pray earnestly and continually, holding the Medical Centre and its Directors up before the Lord that He will provide all that they need.

As we learn on the new Alpha course, pray simply, pray honestly, and keep on praying