18 February 2018

The Elders and Team Leaders went on a retreat yesterday.  The sole objective of this one was to evaluate the Team’s ministry; to see if is still working well, could do with some tweaks, or ought to be replaced by something better.  These are the sorts of questions that need to be asked from time-to-time just to check how things are going.

This is something that each of us need to do also from time-to-time; to sit down and reflect on our walk with God and how it is going.  It is not a time to rip apart and condemn but is a time to make honest evaluation of our walk with Jesus and see, under His oversight, whether we need a tweak here or there.  Maybe a bit of a polish or a renewing of our love for our Lord.  Maybe getting involved more in the life of the fellowship; something that you’ve been thinking of doing for a while.  Who knows?  Only you. So even if it may sound like a challenge or even a little risky, if done well, always remembering that you are a loved child of God, then it can also be quite liberating.

This is really what Paul was on about in today’s New Testament reading.  Allowed to carry on unchallenged, the Corinthian Christians would miss the mark.  A word in time, and if they listened, they’d be back on that road to the fullness of life with Jesus.  Paul evaluated and reported back.  Then the ball was in their court.

It’s the same for us, when we present ourselves before our loving God, and say, “See if there is anything in me which may be missing the mark.  Teach me how to redirect and change as necessary, so that I too may know the life you have for me in all its fullness.  And Lord Jesus, my Saviour, my God and my Friend, may you be exalted in and through me and my service in your name. To God be the glory!”