17 March 2019 From Tom’s Desk

Next Saturday, the Elders and Team Leaders of First Church, as a part of our next retreat, will be meeting with the facilitation group from Presbytery to go over the results from the parish review that happened last November. The Presbytery group is led by the Very Reverend Andrew Norton who thankfully is a friend of mine.  Hopefully he’ll be gentle!!   Andrew will be visiting Waiau Pa at a later date.

This part of the review process, required by Presbytery, is to allow them the opportunity to see how we are going and to help the leaders to consider and reflect on the current situation of the parish as well as considering possible ways forward.  The whole process is designed to be encouraging and is intended to inspire and enthuse parishes towards the mission of the whole church which is to follow Jesus and fulfil the work of His Kingdom.

The raw results that the leaders have seen so far are very encouraging indeed for which we all ought to be grateful to God and His leading.  Final feedback will come to the whole parish I am sure, but at the moment we are simply going through the steps that the Presbytery has set.

So please pray for us on the 23rd of this month in the morning as we continue to work through the process of behalf of us all.  May God reveal what He wants us to see, and may He grant us the blessing of His wisdom as we stretch forward into the future together.