17 June 2018

The Youth Pastor selection team have continued to meet several times over the last few months, continuing to do all due diligence so that we find just the right person for our church as a whole and specifically of course, our youth.  We have shared with each other often enough just how weighty the whole business is because we do not want to make poor recommendations to the church for the future of the youth.  We are feeling the burden, but we are continuing to move along praying to and trusting in God’s leading as we make each decision.

The last few years with our Youth Pastor’s has been a difficult time in terms of longevity of tenure.  Of course, Tom moved back to Dunedin for family reasons but also so that he could train for ordained ministry, which of course he is currently doing.  Our last Youth Pastor discovered that youth ministry was not actually what was a ‘best fit’ for himself and so left after a brief tenure to pursue work in a para-church organisation.  In both instances, some youth left and went to other fellowships.  That’s a hard thing to see and experience as a church fellowship, but it can be what some do these days.  Still we have some great youth with us and they deserve, as the whole church deserves, to have a leader who loves them, cares for them and their needs and is able to lead them forward in their growth as disciples.

We have had some applications already that are of a high standard and for that we give God the thanks.  All we need to do now     (he said ) is to prayerfully seek the one person who will be the best fit and a blessing into our wonderful church community for this season of the life of the church.  Of course, we also want whoever it will be, to receive blessing from us all as well, but if God is in it, then I have no doubt that will come to be.

So please continue to pray for the guidance the selection team needs, and for God’s leading in the heart of that person He is calling to work alongside us all in our work for God’s Kingdom in this place and beyond.