17 February 2019 From Rev Tom’s Desk

This Sunday (today) we have the blessing of being able to ordain and induct Andrew into the role of being Youth Pastor.  This is no small thing in his life nor in the life of this church fellowship.  Being a Pastor is a calling from God to enter into a specific area of ministry and to fulfil that calling in His name and to His purposes.  It is foremost God’s laying His hands on an individual into full-time ministry and secondly a recognition from a body of believers that that calling exists and must be supported.

So Andrew, knowing that he has just such a call to youth ministry, and First Church recognising that in him, is here today to become a committed part of the fellowship as Youth Pastor.

This is something we do as a whole family of God worshipping here at this time.  I remember saying shortly after coming here, that a church will rise and/or fall dependent on all of us.  Church is a family, a team, a community of faith working alongside one another to achieve that for which it was called corporately.  Some are called out into a full-time position as leaders but it does not mean that everyone else suddenly puts their hands in their pockets and simply watches like passengers on a bus.  In fact, one of the most important, and I believe, fulfilling things I’ve seen in the fellowship of First Church over the years is just the opposite – we all do work together as a family, a team and that’s great!

That’s how it should be.  And into that team/family of First Church today, we formally welcome Andrew into the role of Youth Pastor alongside his wonderful family. 

I think the future with him leading and guiding our precious youth will prove to be very fruitful.  We have something to celebrate today!  So let us all encourage and support him in any way we can so that his work amongst us all is not a burden, but is a blessing.