16 September 2018


It was a busy day for us all last Sunday.  Speaking for myself, I had     communion in the first service which is an important sacrament to share, then Anna’s commissioning in the second service, followed by soup and buns together followed by the two baptisms at 1pm.  A short time at home followed, admittedly probably with a ‘nana nap’. although I can’t remember if I did because I was asleep at the time.   🙂

Then at 5.30  Andrew, Karyn, Dave, Warrick and I met in my office to sit closely together whilst we Skyped, for a second time, a prospective Youth Pastor for the position here in our fellowship.  That lasted about an hour and a half, and  after that we all sloped off home. Phew!!

Sometimes, things can be so busy around here your head can spin, or at least, feel like it.  I notice that as I get older, it takes less and less input to do so.  But like last Sunday, it is all worth it.

It was wonderful to celebrate again around the Lord’s Table.  It was such a blessing to commission Anna into her new role as Discipleship Team Leader.  It was enjoyable sharing a simple meal of plain buns and lovely soup as friends and family of First Church, and of course, it was such a blessing to participate in the baptism of two lovely people who were responding to what Jesus has been doing in their lives.  Even the Skyping, which was a kind-of doing church business felt really good, especially   sitting alongside friends from within the fellowship.  I did notice that none of these ‘friends’ brought along flat whites to share, but then I guess nobody is perfect and being a man of grace, I forgive them for this oversight. Lol

The end of the day for me felt great although I was pretty drained.  I sat at home with my lovely wife and watched TV, resting and relaxing.  The day was good. God is good!