15 March 2020

I really like working through Paul’s letter to the Philippian Church.  The main reason I have continued on, having picked it up in Chapter 2 a few weeks back, is that it is firstly full of joy. Secondly it is all about the love and care that Christians can have for one another, specifically in the letter between Paul and the people, firmly based on the love that Jesus has for them.  Thirdly, it is so very practical in what it is to be a follower of Jesus; what to expect because you follow Him including suffering for His name, and also how we are to live out our everyday walk as a Christian living in the world yet not of it.

So I thought, that given the situation in which we are found as a fellowship at the moment, i.e. my leaving in a couple of months, I thought what better could I leave with than another reflection on what God would have us all know, as He first taught Paul and the Philippians.  So yes, for all those who have doubted, there is method to my ‘madness’!! LOL

The key that we’ve seen recently, and of course before, is that our walk as a Christian is all about Jesus being at the centre of our lives.  This means that He alone is on the throne of our lives with complete right to rule and reign over, in and through us.  For human beings, especially those in the western world where we have been taught for decades now, that life is really all about ‘me’ and ‘me’ on the throne of my life, this new worldview can take some getting used to.  But this was precisely the situation in Philippi of course for those who came from a thoroughly pagan (God-less) background, where personal well-being, rank and status were honoured above everything else in life i.e. me at the centre.  So you see, as far as humanness is concerned, there really is nothing new under the sun, and what was appropriate all those centuries back, still impacts us today albeit in a  different context, culture and time.

So over the next few weeks, along with that wonderful time of recollection and celebration that is the central linking point in our walk as a Christian i.e. Easter, let’s all learn together more of how God sees each and every one of us and how He enables and grows us to be the very best that we can be for His Kingdom in our lives now, and then in His presence forever after.