15 March 2019 – Christchurch attack

Hi folks,

I just wanted to email you all, getting in contact with as many as I can
at one time, to ask you pray for those who have been murdered in the
evil attack against the people in Christchurch. This is something that
as God’s people we must stand against with abhorrence and something that
we must bring before our Father in heaven to seek the comfort that only
He is able to bring into the circumstance not only to those immediately
impacted by the tragedy but also to those of us who grieve vicariously.

The truth is, that as people of faith, we too could be targeted by evil
people intent on some agenda of their own spurred on the the Prince of
the Air, i.e. Satan.  For this may be wrapped up in all sorts of
fine-sounding rhetoric amongst such a minute percentage of the populace,
but nevertheless, this evil is what it is all about.

It reminds me of the hate crimes of murder and injury carried out by
groups of people in the southern states of the USA last century.  It
brings to my mind in particular the bombing of a black church in
Birmingham where three young girls died as the bomber threw his bomb in
through the open, welcoming front door of the church.  It also reminds
me of the countless attacks against Christians throughout the world
right now where young and old, male and female, simply because they love
Jesus, are being martyred for their faith.  It all reminds me of the way
that the Enemy causes such tragedy in every way against God’s children.
For yes, these Muslim folks, although we cannot and must not agree with
their theology, are in fact made in the image of God.  How He must
grieve at their loss!

So folks, because I know that you are all such a loving and grace-filled
fellowship of God’s children, please ask for God’s peace and love which
passes all understanding to be upon those who are directly involved in
this tragedy; for their families and loved ones as they try to grapple
with this heinous act.  And for our nation, please bring us all before
the throne-room of God, lifting us all up before Him to cleanse this
nation of what has just happened to the very core of who we are as
kiwis.  And may we pray that His Kingdom will continue to come upon this
land in a powerful move of His hand.

Blessings, Tom