12 August 2018

This week, the team looking for another Youth Pastor will be interviewing the first of two candidates that we think are worth talking to at this stage.  We’ve had a few inquiries this time round including some about whom we’ve been left wondering, ‘why did they even bother?’ or ‘they’ve got to be kidding!’  We do not know if either of these two we’re about to          interview will pass this stage, but we’ll have to see; we’re hopeful one is the one we want.  Nevertheless, we’re all continuing to pray that God will show us who the right one is and reveal them to us, so that we can make a good choice for our youth.  Some people may think we should be hurrying up, but believe me, nothing is being held back in this process of finding our next Youth Pastor.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it already but we thought we did have a good prospect a couple of months back.  The interview went really well for all parties, the person actually agreed to being our pastor verbally, but then after keeping us hanging for about three weeks waiting for a  written  confirmation, he declined citing issues over housing and schooling etc.  We were all taken aback having already discussed all of this with him, but there you go.  That put us back a few months hence our recent ‘round’.

I’d like to thank Trisha for all the hours of work she’s been putting in to facilitating gathering all the paperwork together, which is immense, and for distributing it all to the settlement team.  She has emails flying high and low between the interested parties and us along with paperwork being sorted and collated.  It’s a big extra job for her, but there’s simply no way around it, whether all the work for an individual comes to anything or not.

So please keep praying for us as a team and as a church, that we may be able to discern the right person for us.  Problem is, good Youth Pastor’s do not grow on trees and many churches are looking for them, so we are absolutely trusting that God will bring to us who He wants for us.